Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who Changed the Rules?

I just recently learned that it is no longer necessary to have two spaces between sentences - not only is it not necessary, but it is considered wrong! How did this happen? When did this happen? Did I not get the memo? Miss Ballhagen was adament that there be two spaces between sentences in my Typing I and Typing II classes in high school. Does she know they changed the rules?
This disturbing news caused me to think about typewriters and my memories of them. This model would be very similar to the one that I learned to type on at good old BHS. But of course the keys were blank so we couldn't cheat and look down. We just kept practicing and practicing until our fingers knew where each key was!
 And then I got my own portable typewriter - and it got lots of use! This one looks green, but mine was kind of a caramel color and had a handy-dandy charcoal gray case so it could travel with me.

I love to type, and in Miss Ballhagen's class I learned to type fast and accurately. I thank her for giving me an introduction to a skill that has been useful all my life.

Vintage items always attract my attention, and there are a lot of beautiful old typewriters out there that show up on Pinterest used as decor along with flowers, or old pictures, or whatever you can pair with a typewriter. Isn't this one a beauty?

There are also very creative uses for old typewriter keys - mostly in jewelry. I've seen lots of variations of bracelets and necklaces. I might have to get one of these...

I borrowed all of these pictures off Pinterest - hope the 'picture police' don't come looking for me!
Till next time...


Friday, April 5, 2013

We Did It Again

Yep, it's another trip across South Dakota - the second one this year, and it's only the beginning of April! Once again I was the designated driver while daughter Kerri worked on her computer and phone as we travelled to Rapid City where she had a speaking engagement. It was worth the long drive for the opportunity to spend time together, and we enjoyed some good food and a wee bit of shopping.

We had a late breakfast at Tally's in downtown Rapid City - Beignet Egg & Bacon Sliders, and a Fried Egg BLT. Both were very good. I would highly recommend Tally's when you travel to visit South Dakota's beautiful Black Hills and Mount Rushmore!
We had time to visit two shops, one for her...
a fun little shop called Karma Boutique!

And a shop for me...
Quilt Connection, Etc. Luckily, they were just around the corner from one another!
Good company, good food, and some shopping - all a girl could ask for!
Till next time...