Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Stories

Are any of you Involved in genealogy? In tracking down your ancestors and their stories? I have dabbled on for several years; and although I have found it interesting, I didn't see an effective way of sharing the information with other members of my family. And what I ended up with was a listing of ancestors that I knew nothing about. It would be much more satisfying to know WHO they were rather than just when they were born and died. So, my quest is to find a way to catalog the stories that I know of the generation before me and a few from the generation of my grandparents - perhaps I'll be able to go back further with a little digging. I'm starting with my mother...
I am really fortunate because several years ago she wrote the story of her life that included memories she had of her childhood as well as lots of other information. So, those are things that I will be able to include as well as my own memories of her.
These pictures are a few of my favorites - aren't old pictures interesting? It isn't always the people in them, but the surroundings that tell a story. It looks like Mom, Grandma Edyth and Aunt Christine are heading out someplace special. Love the hats!

And I really like this picture of my parents. I've been told that this was taken near Centerville, SD at a large park/swimming area there. The clue is in the inscription on the wall they are sitting on.
And these two people I never knew, but obviously they lived quite long - look at all those candles and the fancy cakes! These are my great grandparents - my mother's paternal grandparents. They came from Denmark to Wisconsin and then on to South Dakota. Their hard life is evident as you look at their faces. Of course nobody smiled for pictures back then.
Well, you probably aren't interested in seeing any more pictures of my family; but perhaps I've inspired you to look back - find pictures and stories of those that came before you.
In past generations family stories were passed down verbally, but we don't generally do that any more - we are too busy with other things. So if you and I don't write them down in some fashion, they will be lost when we are gone. I only wish I had paid more attention when my parents, aunts and uncles were available to fill in some of the blanks, so don't wait!
Till next time...