Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Treasured Gift

Today is Flag Day... and my birthday. But today instead of showing you stirring pictures of flags blowing in the breeze, I want to share one of my favorite things. I'm thinking of my Mom today, and looking at the things she gave to me. Of course there are all the intangible things, but she also gifted me with several items that had a special meaning to her, and now they are very special to me. 

But this figurine is my very favorite, perhaps because there is a story that goes with it. 

I was born in Chicago and we lived there the first several years of my life. She told me how she and I took the streetcar to a shop that she liked. This girl reading a book figurine had caught her eye on an earlier visit, and on this day she had the $5 to purchase it. As I was too young to have an actual memory of this, I love visualizing this trip and how thrilled she must have been to be able to buy something pretty for herself. As a book lover, it has additional meaning to me.

She has graced many different places in our home, but you will always find her reading her book in one nook or another.

But don't despair, I haven't abandoned the flag totally. Happy Flag Day!

Till next time...
Journey on,