Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Little Sewing Projects

It doesn't seem that I've accomplished much at my sewing machine lately. I do really well when it comes to planning and starting projects, however I seem to have trouble finishing them. But here are a couple of small projects that I have finished. The first is a kitchen towel - it's a really easy little item - starting with a purchased towel, I just add a border and a little medallion. This was a gift for a friend that recently shared some produce with me.
Since we have been making several road trips lately I thought I should have a cute bag to carry all my "stuff" in. I used a fabric that I purchased a while back at Heirloom Creations because I loved the theme of it.
Paper dolls were something I really enjoyed as a little girl! It's just a simple bag with a pocket on the inside.
As my granddaughter says "Ready to Rock!" (Actually she says, "Weady to Wock!")
Till next time...


Friday, June 21, 2013

A Walnut Weekend

Over Father's Day weekend each year, the village of Walnut, IA throws a big party. For three days hundreds of antique vendors set up along the streets and in any empty spaces and thousands of people parade through finding treasures from the past.

Iowa's Antique City
We hadn't been there for a few years, but made the trek this year to this community of just over 800 people. I counted six churches in our walk around  the town and took note that most all of the homes along their main street had huge front yards and porches, and garages were in the back (we seem to have turned that around).
Here's a taste of just a few of the items that caught my eye... This was fairly early in the day and the crowd wasn't too bad. See the fella in the middle of the picture in the blue shirt? That's my Vintage Boy dawdling behind me as usual. Actually, I sought out shade whenever possible - the sun and I don't have a very good relationship.
This is half of a Red Owl sign, but I thought my son-in-law would like the first half as a birthday gift - "Go Big Red!"  However there were two problems - I didn't have room to bring it home, and I wasn't willing to part with $1,000 for it. Sorry Jeff!
There was an abundance of beautiful furniture to look at. I liked the simplicity of this bookcase with a unique top. The couple that had this spot had come from Texas for the Walnut show.
Look at all the names embroidered on this quilt! I wondered if they represented a community, a church, a family, an organization? And why wouldn't one of those people have kept this treasure.
What a delightful kitchen cupboard with the rounded top.
Well, that's what I have for this trip - should have taken more  pictures as we saw some amazing things. This weekend we are going on a Scavenger's Journey which goes across South Dakota from Plankinton to Presho. I know we'll get as far as Chamberlain/Oacoma  (I've been promised a piece of coconut cream pie at Al's Oasis), but probably no farther west. Check out the link - perhaps you'll want to Journey this weekend.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seventy-two Years Ago

On June 12, 1941 my parents, Leonard J. Larson and Katherine Marie Anderson were married at the First Lutheran Church in South Sioux City, NE. Each of them had a cousin stand as witness to the ceremony, otherwise there was no family in attendance. There was no money for a pretty wedding dress or a reception for friends and family, so they drove south to the church where Kathy's cousin was a member and there they began their life together.

I've been thinking of them today - not only as I've known them, but trying to imagine them as they were in 1941. What were their dreams? What plans were taking root in their minds? Because of a heart murmur Len wouldn't be a part of the war that was waging during that time, so they could work together towards their future. And I know how that story went - not all the details of course, but the general path that they travelled together. I just wish I could know them as they were then - young, optimistic, in love and excited for the future.

Till next time...


Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Quick Museum Trip

Last week my friend, Linda and I went to the Old Court House Museum in Sioux Falls for their Walking Tour of the Warehouse District (between rain showers). We both enjoyed walking that area and learning about the buildings - their styles and different uses over the years.
Following the tour we took a few minutes to walk through the museum. I hadn't been there for years, and it certainly deserves a return visit sometime this summer. Here's a couple of the things I snapped pictures of... They must have known I was coming because they had the flags out, and you know how I love our flag!
There was a display of bicycles of all kinds, types and eras. I neglected to look at the date on this one, but assume it was from the late 1800's or early 1900's.
And this is a "really swell" Schwinn bicycle from the early 1940's. It is a beauty!
Obviously there is a lot more to see and other exhibits as well. Look at their website and take the time to visit soon. I'll close with a picture of a small part of their banquet hall - it is beautiful. I love old buildings, and am thrilled when people have taken the time and invested the money in restoring them!

Till next time...