Monday, September 30, 2013

Random Thoughts for October!

September is gasping its last, and October is preparing to burst through the door - How can it be? Ninety-two days left of 2013, and we won't even talk about how quickly the holidays will be upon us. Yikes!

So, for me it's time to stop thinking about the things I need to do and just do them. However, I work better with a list, so a cup of coffee is in order while I sit back and write out all the things I want to accomplish in the next month. As the weeks go by I will plug them into the days chosen for their completion; and when November shows up, I will have all of them crossed off... hopefully... maybe.

I wanted to write about my dolls today. The picture in my dolly's lap is of me on the Christmas I received her. I'm guessing I was five or six.

But then I decided I also needed to include the clothes I have for them that have been packed away. As you can see, they aren't ready for a photo shoot - so that will be put off for another day after they have been pressed. And that isn't even on my October list!

I'm anxious to start cutting into these beautiful, soft 'fat quarter'* flannels (that is on my list), but there is one other sewing project that needs to be finished up first. Then, let me at 'em!

Wish me luck on that list !!
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*If you're not a quilter and don't know what a fat quarter is, Google it!
Until next time...

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