Thursday, January 30, 2014

Edyth's Month

My Grandma Edyth has been on my mind a lot this month. The fact that I am working on "her page" in my ancestry scrapbook probably started it off. I've been looking at pictures of her and remembering stories about her. As a family, those of us who remember her have been sharing memories of our feisty and funny Grandma Edyth.

There was nothing easy about her journey, but I especially think how difficult it must have been to have three sons serving in the Navy in the Pacific during WW II. Her youngest son remembers hearing her cry at night during those difficult times. And I would imagine the most difficult would have been the 'not knowing' if they were safe. Months could pass before the next letter would come, and that must have been mental and emotional torture. 

And it is so appropriate that all this remembering is happening in the month of January. Edyth Webber Anderson was born and died in the month of January - leaving us one day before her 95th birthday.
Those of us who knew and loved her miss her still. We miss her wonderful sense of humor and her laugh! We miss her fingers, crooked from arthritis and her soft, paper-thin skin. And we miss her insisting that she was 5'4" tall when she obviously would have had to stand on tip-toe to reach 5 foot. She was always the measuring stick when our kids were growing up - the goal was to be taller than Grandma Edyth.
All this remembering makes me wonder what my children & grandchildren will remember about me. I'll take comfort in the fact that the things that seem to mean the most are simply the things that make us who we are.
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