Saturday, October 27, 2012

Let's Just Play Nice!

Let's Just Play Nice!

My Facebook friend, Chris recently posted the following: "No amount of Diet Coke bashing is going to make me want to switch to Diet Pepsi. It just makes me respect Diet Pepsi pushers a little less. Why can't we all just drink our pop and be nice?"  I'm sure it applies to all types of advertising and our personal responses to it; but it definitely made me think about the political campaigns that are playing out before us at the moment. Let's just play nice!

Thankfully I don't live in one of the "swing states" in the presidential race that must be totally overwhelmed with nastiness. You and I probably can't do much about the paid political ads, but we can do something about how we represent the candidates we choose to support. I don't appreciate hearing others tear down the candidates that they are against. Tell me who you are for and why - I will gladly listen, but don't waste my time telling me who or what you are against.

So, in the few days remaining before the election let's choose carefully what we say and how we say it. Let's live the example we would like all political candidates to follow, speaking positively about what we believe. And it will be a different message from each one of us, but it will be a message of positive energy - bringing light into the darkness, rather than adding to the darkness.

And when the dust has settled and the candidates have been chosen, let's strive to be supportive of those who take office. We live in a democracy, and when the people have spoken with their vote we need to come together and work together. For though the view of how we get there may vary, what we all want is a country that we can be proud of. Let's just play nice!

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