Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stitching Up a Merry Christmas

As a parent, it is always fun to watch your kids open their Christmas gifts, and I was especially anxious this year. However, I'm not talking about the little people (although they were fun to watch too). Over the past year I made quilts for my two girls and their fellas, and I think I succeeded in both surprising and delighting them.

The pattern I used was Yellow Brick Road and it is designed for fat quarters and was great fun to put together. I actually made one for myself last year, so I have now made three quilts using this pattern - I think somebody needs to take it away from me! The first one I made last spring, and used a group of coffee-themed fabrics. 

Since Kerri & Jeremy both enjoy coffee, I knew it would be perfect for them. This quilt needed a border to bring it up to the right size. The quilting is done in a coffee mug & steam pattern - so appropriate. 
For the quilt I put together this fall for Heidi and Jeff I chose a group of flannels in colors that I knew reflected their casual lifestyle. (Sorry that the quality of these pictures is so poor. They were taken later in the day and the lighting wasn't good)
The quilting is done in a 'flame' pattern to represent a fireplace or campfire. A flannel quilt and a crackling fire - perfect for this time of year.
It was really fun to work on these projects this past year, but I found it difficult not to let it slip when talking with them. Now I have a couple of grandkids that have been waiting patiently for their long-ago promised quilts! I think I better come up with a different pattern though.
Till next time...

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