Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Word for a New Year

Do you choose a word for the year? I've never done it before, but decided it would be a good exercise. So, after analyzing some excellent words... 

 I have chosen the word Embrace!

As a verb - a word that calls for action - it means to take or receive gladly or eagerly, to accept willingly.

It is my intention to do exactly that with each day of 2014.

Not only to "take what comes,"
 but more importantly to seek out new things to embrace!
As I open the door to 2014 and travel this path, I will share with you the things learned,
          the projects completed,
                    the places visited
                            and the people encountered along the way.
And I would really love it if you would share back with me in the 'comments' section below. Two way conversations are the best!
Let's have a great year!

Till next time...
New Year Blessings,


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