Thursday, March 7, 2013


How we feel about this number depends on what it represents:
  • 63 pairs of shoes - probably too many, or at least more than one needs.
  • 63 friends - celebrate!
  • 63 pounds to lose - oh, my!
  • 63 people for dinner - let me out of here!
  • 63 years old - that depends on which side of the number we find ourselves.
  • 63 hours to ourselves - yay!
  • 63 cupcakes for tomorrow's meeting - burning the midnight oil!
  • 63 on that last test - try, try again.
  • Well, you get the picture...
Actually I came up with the number 63 when I looked on my iPad this morning and decided to count the number of blogs I follow - YES, SIXTY-THREE!
Before you start planning an intervention for me, you must realize that I don't receive posts from all sixty-three every day. Many of them post once a week, and some post two or three times a week. So on any given day I might receive 12 to 24 blog posts. Like anything else in life, some are more interesting and applicable than others, but I enjoy reading them all.
What are they about you ask? Well the ones I've chosen to follow deal mostly with decorating, crafting for the home, sewing - quilting, and a few cooking - baking.  They are all written by women, mostly young women, and several of them are from other countries. There isn't a day goes by that I'm not inspired in some way by my blogger friends
How did I happen to start following these particular blogs? Some of them I discovered through pictures that were posted on Pinterest, and then they mention other bloggers they follow and I check them out - if they look interesting, I add them to my list. And so it grows - but I was really surprised by the number when I took time to count.
So, think of me tomorrow morning, and most mornings, as I sit with a cup of coffee and check in with my on-line blogger friends.
Till next time...

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  1. Hello Gail,
    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I have replied to your question here:
    so maybe that can help someone else too.
    I perfectly understand about the number of the shoes you own :=O... because I took time to count mine and they were 63 too! Time to let some go, as for me :)
    Have a beautiful weekend,