Monday, March 11, 2013

Special Memories

It was 47 years ago yesterday that we walked into the Lutheran Social Services offices in Sioux Falls for our first of three interview/meetings with a social worker. Our first daughter was born the next day, but of course we wouldn't know that for four more weeks when we received THE CALL.  "We have a baby girl for you." This was followed by basic information about this child that would forever be ours.

We were expecting to wait quite a bit longer, and so some scurrying to get ready was necessary. But it was good to have something to fill the two day (two sleepless nights) wait. A crib, bedding, clothing, diapers all had to be purchased. And of course we needed something special to bring her home in, and our little girl needed a name - quite a task as all of you parents know. Her name was thrown into the mix when I saw it on the tag of a tiny pink sweater in a display at Bruehler Drug Store. The visual look of it caught my attention, and as we talked it over it seemed the perfect choice... Heidi.
Each of the three other children that came into our family through adoption over the next ten years have their own special story, but the first child is the one that changed us from a couple to a family, and so her story holds a special place in our memories... in our hearts.

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  1. Oh Gail! This reminds me of the story my parents tell about getting me from LSS as well! Nothing like planning for a baby in your life/house on a few days notice. From what I am told my parents made a mad dash to Aberdeen, 70 miles away, to get some necessities and borrowed a lot from friends to make due. Really after a little bit of food and clothing....babies just need lots of love!