Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Little Sewing Projects

It doesn't seem that I've accomplished much at my sewing machine lately. I do really well when it comes to planning and starting projects, however I seem to have trouble finishing them. But here are a couple of small projects that I have finished. The first is a kitchen towel - it's a really easy little item - starting with a purchased towel, I just add a border and a little medallion. This was a gift for a friend that recently shared some produce with me.
Since we have been making several road trips lately I thought I should have a cute bag to carry all my "stuff" in. I used a fabric that I purchased a while back at Heirloom Creations because I loved the theme of it.
Paper dolls were something I really enjoyed as a little girl! It's just a simple bag with a pocket on the inside.
As my granddaughter says "Ready to Rock!" (Actually she says, "Weady to Wock!")
Till next time...


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