Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Quick Museum Trip

Last week my friend, Linda and I went to the Old Court House Museum in Sioux Falls for their Walking Tour of the Warehouse District (between rain showers). We both enjoyed walking that area and learning about the buildings - their styles and different uses over the years.
Following the tour we took a few minutes to walk through the museum. I hadn't been there for years, and it certainly deserves a return visit sometime this summer. Here's a couple of the things I snapped pictures of... They must have known I was coming because they had the flags out, and you know how I love our flag!
There was a display of bicycles of all kinds, types and eras. I neglected to look at the date on this one, but assume it was from the late 1800's or early 1900's.
And this is a "really swell" Schwinn bicycle from the early 1940's. It is a beauty!
Obviously there is a lot more to see and other exhibits as well. Look at their website and take the time to visit soon. I'll close with a picture of a small part of their banquet hall - it is beautiful. I love old buildings, and am thrilled when people have taken the time and invested the money in restoring them!

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