Monday, April 7, 2014

Springy Vignette

The corner of our dining table typically has a seasonal vignette - a gathering of items that reflect whatever season we are in or holiday we are celebrating. The last few weeks it has been rather barren as I wasn't sure what season we were in. I didn't want to acknowledge Winter any longer, but I couldn't fool myself into thinking Spring was coming anytime soon.

But Sunday we had both sunshine and warmer temps, so I gathered a few items to put together - some old, some new. I would have liked to put this grouping in a shallow basket, but didn't have one that worked, so I just used a printed napkin to anchor it.
This bunny is ready to celebrate the warmer days right along with me!

You've seen this little grouping before - when I talked about using books in different ways throughout your home. These are two of my favorite teacups. Notice the pretty flowers on the inside of the top cup - love it! The plate is a serving piece, probably a cake plate, of vintage Haviland china. I have other pieces of this beautiful white china hanging in an arrangement on my wall.
This is one of my purchases this year. I'm calling it a topiary even though I know topiaries usually have a tall stem.
I found both the topiary and the little pedestal piece at The Vintage Market in Beresford this week. I'm loving the tiny saucer on a candlestick, but as I look at the picture I'm thinking it needs something more added - maybe some colored glass around the votive cup or some raffia tied in a bow around the candlestick. I'm sure I'll be adding a touch of something!
The saucer could hold any number of things. I chose to use a votive cup that I decorated with a bit of washi tape (decorative paper tape), but it would look darling with a small figurine or vase with flowers. I did also purchase a second one that I am using on my vanity to hold rings, etc.

Well, that's what's happening in my little corner of the world today!
Till next time...

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