Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Funerals & Memorial Services are obviously sad occasions, but they provide a wonderful opportunity for reflection and for seeing and visiting with people we might not otherwise have the occasion to be with. Today we attended the funeral service for our friend, Alta.

Alta and her husband, Ralph, were our neighbors when we were young and they were very involved with us as we went through the adoption process for our children. She always made sure I was included in neighborhood coffee parties and they both welcomed us into their home on a regular basis during those years. But we both moved out of that neighborhood, and our life paths took us in slightly different directions for various reasons. And even though we were no longer closely involved with one another, the memories of that time always provided a loving connection.

Some of my best memories of those years were of a bible study group that we were a part of for several years with them and six other couples. And several of those people were in attendance today as well... caring  people that helped me and challenged me on my faith journey. It is interesting to me how people slip in and out of our lives at different times. When looking back over ones life it seems like a choreographed dance.

We can't pedal backwards in time, but we can cherish those memories of yesterday and welcome the new experiences and people that are a part of today.

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