Wednesday, November 21, 2012


When I had my shop, Christmas decorating started in September; so this year I have been wanting to drag out the holiday decorations for some time. I think I've shown great restraint waiting till this week. We will be going to our daughters on Thanksgiving, so I gave myself permission to begin.

And, yes, I did say the tree is hung. Since floor space is minimal in our home, there were a few years when I didn't put up a Christmas tree. Then my Vintage Boy found a 'half tree' at an auction several years ago - it is made to hang on the wall. I have always hung it above our dining table, which butts up against the wall, but then if we pull the table out for company, the cord is hanging there. So this year I solved that problem by hanging it on a metal screen in our living room. This is a picture of it before decorating.

I decorate my little tree with two types of ornaments. My mothere gave me a collection of victorian house ornaments many years ago. It was one of those offers where you get one a month for a year. Well, she never was a patient person, so she bought the group of 13 all at once. When you hold them up to the light, you can see the furnishings and people through the windows.  I love them, and have used them in many ways over the years.

And I also use SnoBabies ornaments on my tree. A friend and co-worker gifted me with one, and I continued to buy one every now and then until I had a nice little assortment. It is a delight to unpack them each year and hang them on the tree. They have such sweet little faces.

So here's how my little hanging tree looks when all decorated and lit. I'm lovin' it!

Well, I'm sitting here with boxes of Christmas 'stuff' all around me - I'd better get back to it! But before I go, I want to be sure to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration! And, enjoy decorating your home for the Christmas season.

Until next time...

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