Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm so sorry Mr. Barnes and Mr. Noble. I have always loved your store, and appreciate it as a refuge from the busyness of everything outside your walls. I was very disapointed when you removed the comfy chairs, but that isn't the reason I've not visited as often the last few years.

Each time I stop by lately there are fewer of these (sorry for the blurry picture)...

And more shelves filled with...
And I feel responsible. From the time I purchased a Nook, and then an iPad with a Nook App, I have quit buying 'real books' for the most part. Yes, I like the feel of a book in my hand and the turning of each page; but for me the convenience of looking up a book the moment I hear about it, and downloading it minutes later is a big draw. And I don't have to find a shelf to store the books, and dust them, etc. So I feel personally responsible for the difficulties your stores are facing. But I do promise to shop with you for toys and games. And I am very thankful that you've maintained your wonderful children's book section. When choosing a book for a child, it is important to be able to look and read through it before deciding.
And your display of notebooks did catch my eye (see last post)...
I'll be back for the striped one on the bottom shelf one of these days!

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  1. It is my fault too! I have a Kindle. But I love the feel of a real book. I was so sad when we lost our Borders here. There is a Barnes & Noble but it is a bit of a drive.