Friday, January 18, 2013


Once all of the Christmas decor is taken down and carefully packed away (not nearly as much fun as taking it out) things always look a little bare. And outside the landscape is dreary and bare as well, so it was important for me to bring a little cheer into my small space. I decided to bring out the red transferware that I love...

As you can see, I gravitate towards pieces with handles and spouts. I added a couple of my ironstone pitchers to lighten it up and a piece of white hardanger that was in with some of my grandmother's things - I like to think that she did the intricate needlework herself.

Then I polished up some silver butter knives and coffee spoons and nestled them in three of the creamers. I know that there are many who prefer the natural tarnished look for their silver; but I was raised by a mother who polished the silver until it was gleaming before the table was set for company, and I still find pleasure in its polished beauty.

I trust that you have brought out some of your favorite things to fill the empty spaces and bring a happy smile to your face!

Till next time...


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