Thursday, January 31, 2013


Knitting is a relaxing pastime for me. I first learned to knit when in high school, but my knitting was so tight I could hardly move it from one needle to the other. I knitted a brown tie for the young man that would later become my hubby - there was no way the poor guy could tie it because it was almost as thick as it was wide. If I dig in the trunk I think it's in there somewhere. I should find it and give it to him again on Valentines Day! I wonder if he would remember.

Anyway, I recently decided to take up the needles again after years of neglect, and thought the best way to start would be to knit dishcloths. So I searched for directions on Pinterest and settled on this one. It's quick, easy and something I can use.

Today, when our wind chill is -34 I'm wishing it was an afghan as I sit here listening to the 22 mph winds. So thankful I can stay inside!

Till next time...



  1. Thanks for your lovely comment about my 'not quite right' hooky case. So glad it managed to inspire you too. I think I shall definitely have to re-make it, it did indeed have potential. I just need to get all those niggles out, for my own satisfaction! :)

    S x