Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Itsy Bitsy Organizing Task

We call it a glove box, and I actually did find a pair of stray gloves in it...
... along with $1.21 in small change, an ink cartridge for a printer I no longer have, the car manual and assorted pamphlets that came with the vehicle, invoice for new tires recently purchased, multiple (by that I mean LOTS) of coupons for oil changes, etc that had all expired, bandaids, Advil, 4 pens, small tablet, a Christmas ornament, 3 Kleenex travel packs - each with 1 - 3 tissues, tape measure, chap stick, and a bit of garbage. Time to tidy up! 

I started by choosing the items that would be good to have in a handy spot when on the road, and I put them a cute little bag so they will be easy to grab. I included some tissues, bandaids, chapstick, pens tape measure & Advil in a little tin. There is room to add other things as I think of them.
The car manual came in a plastic bag so I used that the corral other papers that we want to keep with the car including the registration and insurance card.
I added a pocket road atlas, a small note pad and put it all back in the glove box - nice and tidy!

Ready for a road trip!
Till next time...

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