Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Dolls

Remember as a kid when we returned to school after Christmas, and the question on everybody's lips was "What did you get for Christmas?" Even though I only have one picture to attest to it, for most years as a little girl I think my answer was that I had received a doll.

I still have the doll in that picture, and she is still wearing her peach dress and bonnet, although it is a little droopy.

The second doll that I still have is bit fancier. She is wearing a dress that my mom made for her. I have her original pinafore dress, but it is so faded that she prefers not to wear it. Both of these ladies have 'had some work done.'

A third doll was given to me when I was a little older, not necessarily to play with.  She came with fabric and patterns so that I could learn to sew for her. Some of those early attempts are tucked away - not really photo worthy, but they were the beginning of a lot of garment sewing that would follow. This little lady will walk with you if you hold her arm and move her just right. She is wearing her original dress.

And this shelf holds my two storybook dolls and china doll heads, but that's a story for another day.

And what did you get for Christmas as a child?

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