Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mystery at the Ranch... And It's Done!

it was Spring of 2014 when I signed up to participate in a Mystery Quilt sponsored by Always Your Design quilt shop in Dell Rapids and The Dutch Rose of Sioux Falls. This is a quilt that is sewn not knowing what the final product will look like. I thought it sounded like fun. We were given guidelines about choosing fabrics to use and told how much was needed. So I made my choices with a certain recipient in mind and I was ready to make this quilt that was called Mystery at The Ranch.

Each week brought directions for another step in the construction process. It was in the first week when all the cutting took place that I became a bit concerned. There were going to be a lot of triangles to deal with - 392, but who's counting!  If you've done any quilting you know that means one side is on the bias, which can stretch, and each triangle has three points that are supposed to meet up perfectly at the seams. In other words triangles can be tricky and should be sewn precisely. Oh boy!

So I tackled it. I cut strips, sewed strips together and cut again. Slowly the pieces combined to become an interesting combination of colors and patterns.

And then it came to a halt. I received the final directions, saw the final outcome, was tired of dealing with triangle points, and lost interest. So it was tucked away until last summer when I decided I wanted to finish it, I needed to finish it.

I made the decision not to worry about a point getting lost in a seam, and just enjoyed sewing away, joining the blocks with sashing strips and adding the borders. I chose a plain flannel for the backing and had it quilted with a flower pattern using a variegated thread on the back, so the back is quite interesting as well.

I'm pleased with the final outcome and my Granddaughter loved it - a quilt that was promised to her long ago. Now I'm about finished with her brother's, which he has been waiting for even longer! Then I have fabric for a couple other projects just for me.

Till next time...


PS: Did I mention there were 392 triangles? Never again!

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