Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What now?

Packing away the Christmas decorations always leaves a rather bare feeling to the rooms. The lights have been unplugged and the sparkle has been tucked away. What now? I brought back all my 'regular stuff,' but also left out a few things that will carry me through this winter season.

My chenille snowmen and snowman garland are favorites of mine and have been with me for many years. I remember buying them at a little bath shop in the Park Ridge Mall in Sioux Falls while shopping with Mom and my Aunt June. I think I might remember it so clearly because purchasing them was really a splurge at the time. So they will bring a smile to my face through these cold days.

Pine cones and a faux evergreen stem tucked in a treadle sewing machine cabinet drawer are certainly appropriate for winter. I find so many used for these drawers, and this one is so pretty!

These two silver deer are holding their heads high in our hutch for now. They have a little glimmer to them. They came home with me from The Cottage a few years ago.

And finally, a single pine cone sits atop a new decorating book and a new-to-me stool. I have long wanted to put a pine bench in front of our couch to serve as a coffee table. But no matter how many times I found one and planned how to decorate it, the truth is I simply don't have room for a coffee table. So, I've found the next best thing - this cute little stool. It is tucked in front of the couch, but if we need more seating, it can easily be moved aside.

It seems that new seasons bring with them the desire to change things up - at' least that's how I feel. So for now, this is my winter look. I think I might just make a cup of hot chocolate and browse through that book.

Till next time....


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