Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Simple Soup Supper

We are lovers of soups - all kinds.  And Winter and soup just seem to go together. They warm and nourish us when the temperatures outside are frigid.

For the most part, it isn't necessary to follow a recipe to make a delicious soup. For this one, I started with some ham that was in the freezer from Christmas and used half a box each of chicken broth and vegetable broth. Then just added frozen peas, green beans, corn and carrots and chopped some fresh cabbage. It all depends what I happen to have on hand.
I added a biscuit, and called it supper! Schwan's has wonderful biscuits, and the best part is that, because they are frozen, you can simply bake the number you need. I have always made my own, but end up with too many, so this is the perfect solution.
I like to have a seasonal vignette on the corner of our table - it keeps it from getting piled with 'stuff,' and it's pleasant to look at. This season after Christmas is always hard. I decided on putting together some blue and white dishes, and added a touch of yellow to remind us that Spring comes next!
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