Friday, May 17, 2013

It's A Fiesta!

Fiesta dishes are connected in my memory to family meals as we sat at the round kitchen table - my mom, dad, brother and I. As I entered seventh grade the four of us moved into a new home that my parents had built, and it was then that the Fiesta dishes appeared. We not only had the forest green, chartreuse, gray, and rose colored dishes on our table, the same colors were all around us. From the paint on the walls, the inlaid linoleum flooring, the formica countertops and the printed drapes at the windows - everything coordinated with those dishes. Mom must have been in her glory as she painted the walls and sewed the drapes. It was the first time she would have had the opportunity to really make a space her own. I can see it all in my mind, but oh, how I wish I had pictures of every detail.*
I don't know what happened to the dishes. They were later replaced, and the colors and curtains were also changed out to reflect changing times. I'm sure the dishes were probably boxed up and saved for a while; but they must have eventually been given away or sold at a garage sale, because they have been gone for a long time. I hope they are still out there somewhere being treasured by someone else.
Over the years I've thought of collecting a few pieces in those four colors, but never followed through with that plan until recently. I finally made the decision that I would like to have a disc pitcher (my favorite Fiesta piece) in each color. And one by one my Vintage Boy has found them for me - he's such a sweetie! So now I can just look above the cupboards in my kitchen and remember the Fiesta dishes and my family gathered at our round kitchen table.
 Do you have special memories of the dishes used in your home when you were a child? Sometimes it takes those tangible items to bring back the feelings, emotions and the memories.
* Perhaps we need to take out the camera and record all the rooms in our homes every few years (at least). Those pictures will be treasured some day - and may also provide a few laughs.
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