Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day Past & Present

As I sit here this May Day morning watching the snow pile up all around us, I'm going to think back to May Days of the past that didn't involve snow. (We ate our evening meal at that table just a few days ago.)

As a college student I received a dozen roses on May Day from my Vintage Boy. It must have worked because we were married later that year!
And then there were May Baskets...
My funny memory of delivering a May Basket to a boy in my class - about 4th grade - and having him chase me into the back seat of my dad's car to give me a kiss. 
And later the torture of getting May Baskets put together for my kids to deliver... yes, I said "torture." I know a lot of you enjoyed doing those types of things, but to me it was just one more thing that had to be done in already busy days. I hope I didn't scar my kids for life with my bad attitude!

Till next time...

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