Friday, December 21, 2012


Like most things in life, Christmas isn't only about the destination, but about the journey. It is the preparation that we love (or love to hate). The memories come not only from watching our loved ones open the gifts, but also from the choosing that special gift for each one. Those cookies taste good, but the process of going through recipes and then mixing the ingredients are a ritual that brings such pleasure. And decorating our homes - that is an event in itself. Oh, the memories that are tucked inside each box of Christmas decorations - and the fun of seeking out and adding new pieces. All of this is a process that takes up almost two months of every year, and it's called tradition!

There are a few more photos I want to share with you this Christmas season. The first is a chair I placed at our front door with some lighted twigs, greenery, large ornaments and ribbon. Don't look too close - the process of assembling this was a little ragged. I'm talking twine and paper clips! Oh, well, it seems to be hanging together.

This is a very simple table setting for an afternoon coffee party. The little black transferware-like plates are some that I purchased at Home Goods this fall - loving them!

These little people have a tendency to travel around during the winter months - you never know where you might find them next!

Dinner guests... I found these dishes at Home Goods as well. We had to hit two different stores to come up with enough pieces. I think they are so pretty.

I added one of my red reindeer and a gold Merry Christmas to the table.

And here's a picture of the dinner plate - almost too pretty to put food on.

I have enjoyed being able to use the traditional reds and greens the last few years. There were so many years when the colors in our home didn't work well with them.

This is the end of Christmas pictures from this Vintage Girl. We'll have to find something else to chat about after the holiday.

I wish for you and yours...
Christmas blessings,

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