Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Over the years my mother collected Studio 56 Dickens Village pieces, and always had them displayed beautifully over Christmas and into the new year. When lit up in the evenings they created a cozy atmosphere. After moving into her apartment it was more difficult to find a spot for all of them, and so she passed them on to other family members. I ended up with a couple of them that weren't 'chosen' and somewhere along the way added a third - they fit perfectly on our stacking bookcase and brighten up  that corner of the room.

On the adjacent wall we have a lovely antique double secretary that holds all kinds of treasures - we'll talk about them another time.

These deer always look like their talking things over.

Then there are my Woof and Poof girls that I love so much - they just make me happy! The little gal on the right just joined our family this year - I hope they all get along.

We have less than two weeks to go... I think it's probably time to do a bit of baking and wrap some gifts. 

Till next time...


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