Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Since I can't have all of you in to admire all my hard work, I thought I would share my Christmas decorating with you in this way. Getting everything out involved some climbing - my Vintage Boy shudders every time he hears my stepstool/ladder open up. I did take a tumble last week, but that was just walking across the floor while talking on my cell phone. I guess I can't walk and talk at the same time anymore. Oh my!

There are a lot of pictures, so I will divide it into three separate posts. We'll start on top of our bookcase/TV cabinet. Sit back and enjoy...

These two figurines have been a part of my Christmas for as long as I can remember.

This shelf of the bookcase holds three of my giraffes, a beautiful old bowl and plate set that is overflowing with pinecones, and a Christmas tray and four mugs that was a gift many years ago. I think the mugs long to be filled with some hot cocoa and marshmallows.

These two chenille snowmen always make me smile - the two little ones are part of a garland.
This area in below our front window is very red and white. Red Transferware lends itself to the Christmas season, so there is my teapot, a little pitcher holding some small spoons and a cup/saucer that is part of my collection. Only one of the two glittery deer that are on the windowsill shows up in the picture. The red twigs in an ironstone pitcher are pointing to an assortment of ornaments and a sparkly star that are hanging there.

So beautiful! 

Outlets and cords aren't very pretty, so this shutter is hiding them.

See how nicely our little half tree fits between the two chairs - hanging on a screen. It doesn't take up any of our precious floor space.

 I've decorated the tree with a few Snowbabies ornaments and a collection of tiny victorian houses. Then added some sparkly doodads to fill in and add a bit of pizazz!

I think it's time to sit back with some coffee in my Christmas mug and look through a Christmas magazine.

So that concludes Part 1 of my Holiday Home Tour. Hope you've enjoyed it! I would love to see your decorations. Please come back soon for Part 2!

Until next time...


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